• Updates pending to Licensure applications.
  • Ongoing book collection.  Please feel free to drop off Pagan-themed books at any of our quarterly meetings or Meet-and-Greets. Books should be in clean/decent condition and Pagan-themed/complimentary to Pagan topics and interests.
  • Annual Professional and Leadership Development Conference on June 29th 2019 – 10-3pm at the Auburn UU Church located at 169 Pleasant St.
  • MPCA Consent policy adopted Feb/2019.  Ethics and Grievance policies already in place.
  • September 2018:  MPCA has updated their Bylaws with the following addition:   We greatly welcome the involvement of Pagans in leadership and ministerial roles, or those wishing to become involved in those roles.

June 1, 2018:  MPCA has changed their address to 99 Mark P. Emery Rd. Buxton ME. 04093

2017:  In 2016, Maine updated their Statutes to include Clergy as Mandated Reporters, and to require that they receive mandated reporter training: .

MPCA has updated its Licensure application to reflect this, and will require that new applicants and current MPCA licensees be required to receive Mandated Reporter training once every 4 years.

Though some Clergy may have received their credentials through other sources, we encourage you to receive mandated reporter training for your own peace of mind, professional development, and to enhance your work as Clergy.

Available resources for Mandated Reporter training are: