Following is a list of typical services offered by Maine Pagan Clergy. Not every Clergy-person will perform all of the listed services, we provide these examples as a public service, to show what pagan clergy might do.

Spiritual Counseling
Pagan Education/Training
Marriage Ceremonies & Handfastings
Naming Ceremonies
End Of Life care and ceremonies
House Blessings
Garden/Crop Blessings
Hospital Clergy Visits
Prison/Corrections Clergy Visits
Interfaith Dialogue
Public Rituals

Please remember that Pagan Clergy are volunteers and frequently have a range of responsibilities in conjunction with the Clergy work they perform. They receive their training in a variety of ways, may belong to specific Traditions or be eclectic, are mandated reporters, and will likely have limits regarding availability or services.  The individuals listed below are currently licensed through the MPCA. They have participated in the required Mandated Reporter training, and adhere to standards regarding ethics, ongoing education, and community service.

Jason Desneiges
Please visit Earth Spirit Celebrancy for services offered, geographic location, and fees

Services available:  mentoring, training, spiritual counseling, handfasting/weddings, funerals, rites of passage, baby blessings, public rituals, and consultation with law-enforcement/prisons.
Area served: Western Maine, though willing to travel depending upon availability and distance.
Fees: Most services are by donation, and discussed during initial contact.

Kevin E. Emmons
Services available: Spiritual Counseling, Druid Training, Mentoring, Child Blessings,
Rites of passage, Land blessings, Prison/Corrections Clergy Visits, Public Rituals
Region: Southern Maine
Fees: None (a gift for a gift)
Druid College website Druid College

Reverend Lady Haight-Ashton, HPS
Services: Handfastings, Weddings, Funerals, Blessings, House Cleansings, Ritual Dance instruction
Geographic area: York County and Portland area
Fees: Sliding scale
instragram at ladylilitheve